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                                                                       #1    ADVANCED BIODIESEL EQUIPMENT


We are looking for representatives and dealers in the South Pacific area (Australia and New Zealand) Call +38 050 254 0795 for more information (24/7)


BIODIESELMACH. offers patent pending, two stage hydrodynamic compounder technology resulted in continuous, reliable, cost effective biodiesel equipment.

Chemical reaction in our biodiesel manufacturing process carries out on a molecular level.  
All components inside of reactor are subjected to high pressure impulses and advanced controlled HydroDynamic compounder. While processing vegetable oils with necessary components in HydroDynamic reactor the molecules of fatty acids are broken apart with micro explosions; it results in viscosity decrease, cetane number increase;  power parameters of produced fuel improve and reaction takes shorter time (seconds versus hours in conventional technologies).

The final stage of the reaction is performed in the compounder pump HD. Intensive cavitation processes in the hydrodynamic mixer and the compounder pump lead to breakdown of fatty acid molecules, which also significantly increases reaction speed and improves quality of the fuel in our Biodiesel plant.

We specialize in medium to large bidiesel plants. Our complete turn-key plants are very compact and easy to connect, they build in inside of  ISO compliant containers. All our equipment  have met performance standards required by ISO 9001:2000 international measurements of quality. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a network of national standards institutes from 148 countries working in partnership with international organizations, governments, industry, business, and consumer representatives and maintains over 13,700 quality standards. ISO 9001 is a quality system that provides a measuring tool for managers within organizations.


 These are our continuous stream biodiesel componder systems with capacity 1-16 cubic meters per hour




   ASTM Quality biodiesel

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