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Company Advantages      

Since 2001 our international partners has become a major players in renewable energy market through successful implementation of biodiesel projects.  
We utilize production sites with over 200 hundred employees.

   BIODIESELMACH plans to attract customers not only with promotion of  product advantages but also with the following:

     Education and Training: Every customer has opportunity to train staff on our production facilities in Chathworth, CA; additionally our qualified technicians will follow up customers on their facilities.

     General Knowledge Database: BIODIESELMACH maintains a continually updated knowledge database for all biodiesel related information including; general information to help in pre-project considerations, principal project planning as well as a wide variety of production and product relevant information.

     Project Planning and Consulting: business plan preparation, making necessary calculations, preparations and installations (tanks, pipes, compressors, generator, office rooms, pumps etc.)

     Process Consulting: planning, design, assembling, placing into operation biodiesel testing laboratory, training of personal by experienced trainers; offering sets of preassembled lab test kits for the most common biodiesel production parameters; training for plant chemists. After sales consultancy is also maintained.

     Financial Consultation: BIODIESELMACH assists in signing financing, and/or leasing agreements, company supports  customer in obtaining government grants and other fundings. 


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