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Executive summary

     BIODIESELMACH., is an engineering and manufacturing company, specializing in the production of the industrial equipment with its signature product      


   Biodiese plants BIODIESELMACH. These plants utilize unique patented 2 stage  hydrodynamic compounder technology (BIODIESELMACH) which reduces costs and time of biodiesel production process by 7-10 times.  Due to innovative and proprietary technology BIODIESELMACH's offered products have very competitive prices with unbeatable competitive advantages. 

    Mobile Oil Plants. This plants used for purifying used oil from high-voltage equipment, such as power transformers, high-voltage switches and others.

    Bitumen emulsion plants.  Advanced technology designed to prepare cold bitumen emulsions for hard asphalt concrete mixture preparation. To be used in road construction and roofing installation and repair.

    Blending gasoline plants. Used for blending from 2 to 5 separate constituent parts, low-octane gasoline in particular.

Mission and objectives
Company believes in being technology leader in biodiesel industry and in intended to occupy 30% market share of biodiesel manufacturing equipment worldwide. 

Company description

  • HydroDynamic Technology, Inc., runs business in concordance with the Earth Charter Initiative and Kyoto protocol, bringing into life the following vital principles:

  •  Respect and care about community of life, because we bring renewable and inexhaustible supply of energy to our society;

  • Ecological integrity, because our products create safe and green energy; 

  • Social and economical justice, because our products create additional labor places in our country.

A Commitment to Excellence
HydroDynamic Technology, Inc.,  strives for a leading position in all its markets and business segments. An important element to ensure business leadership is the successful integration of
BIODIESELMACH management into all relevant business processes.

We will focus on Product and Process Innovation, Supply Chain Management and Customer Support to improve continuously the BIODIESELMACH performance of our products and services.

We are committed to exploring all reasonable opportunities to apply our HD strategies and policies in close cooperation with our customers and suppliers for the benefit of all parties.

Integration into Business Processes
We strongly believe that
BIODIESELMACH concerns should not be handled by specialists separated from the value-added chain. We know that environmental concerns create opportunities rather than threats for our business and their customer industries. Therefore we integrate the management of HD into our key business processes through

  • product and process innovation;
  • material requirement planning, purchasing and manufacturing;
  • distribution and customer support;
  • product portfolio management.
  • Global Compliance

Global Compliance
Through our communications network and audit concept, we monitor our global business activities to ensure that they comply with local laws and regulations.

We respect all relevant international treaties and conventions. Where appropriate regulations are not yet in place or not enforced by local authorities, we apply our own guidelines based on good scientific judgement and sound industry practices.

Risk Management and Communication
To identify, minimize and manage relevant risks arising from our products and manufacturing operations, we apply state-of-the-art science and technologies. We communicate openly and consistently with our employees and external stakeholders on the specific risks and our approach to minimize them. 

High Awareness and Motivation
Our employees bring a high level of awareness and motivation into
BIODIESELMACH development, knowing well that sustaining a strong BIODIESELMACH culture is vital. Our efforts towards training and motivation will continue in our new company.


   ASTM Quality biodiesel

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